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Please note that this is only a guide to help you identify which oils are good for which ailments and vice versa. Once you have found the oil that suits your needs, please read the whole article for that oil to find out any contraindications and if it is the right oil for you.

Here are the results for the letter j

Good for stress and general anxiety. Perfect skin care oil, excellent for hot, dry skin. Sensual properties and reputedly an Aphrodisiac! Only needs to be used in very small quantities. Exquisite perfume. A vast quantity of blossoms, which must be gathered at night when scent is at highest, are required to produce only a few drops of oil. Perhaps the most valued oil in childbirth. It hastens delivery by strengthening contractions yet relieving pain at the same time. A superb hormone balancer and effective in post-natal depression. It also relieves spasm in the uterus, soothes menstrual pain and helpful with vaginal infections generally. Jasmine is also a boon to the respiratory system. It helps to regulate and deepen breathing by relieving spasm of the bronchi as well as having a calming action on irritating coughs. Said to ease hoarseness as well. Reputedly loosens up stiff limbs too. Pure and undiluted. Emotionally warming. Relaxes, soothes, uplifts and helps self confidence. Good for stress and general anxiety. Perfect skin care oil, excellent for hot, dry skin.

See our Jasmine Oil Page for indepth information.

The oils which are most likely to help are Camomile and Peppermint, to relieve nausea in the early stages, Lemon, Rosemary and Thyme to strengthenĀ  the liver. Jean Valnet also mentions Geranium.

See our Jaundice Page for indepth information.

An oil with astringent, antiseptic, and detoxifying properties, Juniper is said to exert a cleansing effect on the mental and spiritual planes as well as on the physical. Has a cleansing effect on the body, used in many masculine perfumes, after shaves and colognes, and has a calming effect on the emotions. Reputed to strengthen the immune system. Well known for its detoxifying character, driving out toxins particularly when too much alcohol and rich food has been imbibed. Clears mucous from the intestines and could be effective against piles. Generally beneficial to the digestive system, regulating appetite and may be helpful for obesity. A tonic to the liver, has been known to help cirrhosis.

See our Juniper Oil Page for indepth information.

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