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Dandruff can be effectively treated with oils of Bergamot, Lavender or, best of all, a blend of the two. Mix them in equal quantities and add to a carrier oil in a 3pc dilution. Mix the oils into almond or olive oil in a 3pc dilution, and massage this into the scalp. Leave it on for one or two hours, wrapping the head in cling-film or plastic, covered with warm towels, and then shampoo out. If you have oily fair hair, then you can add camomile to the final rinse and for this it is better to make a strong infusion of the flowers than to use the essential oil.

See our Depression Page for a fuller explanation of this condition.

All essential oils and treatments described under ECZEMA areappropriate. Oils such as Camomile, Bergamot, Lavender, Melissa and Neroli are very important here, and should be used in massage and in baths that can be used every day at home, or when the person with Dermatitis is feeling particularly fraught. Bergamot, Geranium and Lavender are other oils that can be used to help, but in each case a little trial-and-error may be necessary, since this is such an individual and unpredictable condition. In every case, use the oil in a very low dilution initially.

See our Diabetes Page for a fuller explanation of this condition.

>Some essential oils are useful in helping diarrhoea because of their calming and soothing effect on the intestinal lining, some because they have an antispasmodic action on the intestinal muscles, some because of their astringent properties and yet others because they calm the nervous system, and allay fear and anxiety. In many cases, of course, these actions overlap in one oil. The choice of essential oil for helping with any case of diarrhoea will, therefore, depend on identifying the cause of the diarrhoea. Camomile, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Neroli and Peppermint are among the most effective antispasmodic oils, and are all used to allay attacks of diarrhoea.

The therapeutic properties of dill oil are antispasmodic, carminative, digestive, disinfectant, galactagogue, sedative, stomachic and sudorific.

See our Dill Oil Page for indepth information.

See our Dilution Rates Page for a fuller explanation

A recent study by the British Medical Council Complementary and Alternative Medicine studied 21 essential oils, of which 19 oils showed antibacterial properties.

The best of these 19 oils were:

Any of these can be used very effectively to disinfect rooms, especially during or following infectious illness.

Here are four diuretic bath synergistic blends to help you expel excess fluids during and after dieting. They are designed for use in baths - the oils work by osmosis. Prepare your bottle of essential oils in these proportions and use 6 drops in each bath or use these quantities for two baths:

BLEND 1                     BLEND 2


2 drops
6 drops


5 drops
3 drops

BLEND 3                    BLEND 4


2 drops
6 drops


2 drops
6 drops

Lack of oil and lack of moisture are both connected with endocrine imbalance, and essential oils which help to correct such imbalances should be used. Geranium and Lavender are among the best to use. Gentle oils to soothe the surface of the skin are Camomile, Neroli and Rose. Fluid lotions are more helpful for such skin than creams and any of these essential oils can be added to the lotion. An anti-wrinkle cream may also be beneficial. The skin needs protection all the time to prevent loss of fluids, and lotions can be applied several times a day, especially before going out in very hot, or very dry and windy weather.

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