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The abnormal swelling of veins in the legs is a symptom of a generally poor circulatory system, with a loss of elasticity in the walls of the veins and particularly in their valves. When they are functioning normally, these valves prevent blood from flowing back (away from the heart), but if their efficiency decreases some blood may stagnate in the vein, which then becomes swollen and twisted, causing aching and abnormal fatigue of the legs. The tendency for the valves to fail in this way is sometimes inherited, but the main causes are prolonged standing, poor nutrition and obesity - often a combination of two or more of these factors. Pregnancy may also cause the onset of varicose veins due to the increased weight, and pressure in the pelvic area.

Oil of garlic, in the form of capsules or perles, is one of the greatest ways of strengthening the circulatory systems, and you can recommend 3 capsules a day, as well as fresh garlic in the diet. Vitamin E and Vitamin C should be taken as supplements initially, but in the long term it is necessary to make sure that they are supplied in sufficient amounts in foods. See our Daily Intake Chart for more information

Verbena is an excellent digestive stimulant, stomachic and antispasmodic, and useful in all kinds of digestive upsets. It is an ingredient of several liqueurs with reputedly valuable digestive properties.

See our Verbena Oil Page for indepth information.

Verrucas (or more correctly, verrucae) are a form of wart occurring on the soles of the feet, and are also known as plantar warts. Like all warts they are caused by a virus, and will disappear of their own accord when the body develops its resistance to the viral infection. However, because of the pressure exerted on the sole of the foot, they are exceedingly painful and usually need to be treated without waiting for them to go away spontaneously. A simple and effective treatment with essential oil can be found under the entry for Lemon. Tea tree is a very good alternative.

Sometimes known as Vetiver. Deeply relaxing, soothing oil for the mind and body. Its balancing effect on the central nervous system instils a more centred feeling and may be useful in helping people ease off tranquillisers. Said to cleanse the aura - the energy field around the body - and to strengthen the auric shield which can be instrumental in keeping out disease. Despite its sedative action, very helpful in cases of mental and physical exhaustion. It revitalises the body by fortifying the red blood corpuscles crucial in transporting oxygen to all parts of the system. Increased blood flow could alleviate muscular aches and pains and said to e useful in cases of rheumatism and arthritis. Reputedly a tonic to the reproductive system and its relaxing quality seems to have some effect on tension underlying sexual problems. Generally helps to restore the body back to health, not !east through its ability to promote sleep, helpful in cases of insomnia.

See our Vetivert Oil Page for indepth information.

Violet has an affinity with the kidneys and tends to exert a purging effect on urine, therefore helpful with cystitis particularly where there is a sharp pain in the lower back. May also help to disperse general congestion in the body and has mild laxative properties. Will also induce vomiting. Often acts as a liver decongestant and could be helpful with jaundice, as well as clearing hangovers! Allegedly a strong aphrodisiac, beneficial to sexual problems, reputedly restoring libido. Possibly of assistance to menopausal symptoms such as irritability and hot flushes. Also said to have some pain killing properties and may ease rheumatism, fibrosis and gout.

See our Violet Oil Page for indepth information.

>Viruses are the invading agent responsible for most epidemic illnesses, including colds and influenza, chicken pox, smallpox, poliomyelitis and measles. In addition, a great many vague undiagnosed fevers and many instances of diarrhoea are due to virus infection. Some forms of pneumonia originate with viral infection, while others are bacterial. Most of these are discussed under their individual headings.

See our Viral Infections Page for more information.

See our Page on Vomiting for various natural remedies to help this condition.

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