Warts are small, round tumours of the skin, caused by a virus infection. The Latin name verruca is applied to those which appear on the soles of the feet.

Any wart will disappear of its own accord in time, as the body develops immunity to the virus, but if it is unsightly or uncomfortable, a very simple and effecting local treatment is to use oil of Lemon, neat, directly on the wart. Take a single drop of Lemon oil on the end of a toothpick or orange stick, and drop it on to the centre of the wart. Put a dry plaster over the wart and keep it covered. This treatment should be repeated every day until the wart shrivels and drops off. Some warts will disappear in less than a week, and others may take up to a month to do so. Once the wart has gone, massage a little wheatgerm oil, which is rich in vitamin E, into the area until any scarring or soreness has healed.

Lavender and/or Marigold oil can be added to the wheatgerm to speed healing. Tea Tree is a good alternative to Lemon, and can be used in alternation with it. Some people suffer from the appearance of large numbers of warts in a relatively short space of time, suggesting a low level of resistance to the virus. Garlic capsules (between 3 and 6 a day) will help to strengthen the immune response, as will lymphatic massage with essential oils of Rosemary, Geranium, Juniper or a blend of these. Sometimes such 'plagues' of warts may appear following a trauma, such as a road accident, bereavement, etc. and treatment appropriate to such a situation will also be needed.

A good level of nutrition will also help the body in dealing with the virus, particularly appropriate levels of all vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin E.

When treating a child under twelve years of age for verrucas or warts it is crucial to dilute the essential oils beforehand. You can use any oil above singly or in combination, diluted in cider vinegar, or try the following:

Lemon 10 drops } per dessertspoon cider vinegar
Cypress 5 Drops } per dessertspoon cider vinegar

Put all three ingredients in a clean bottle and shake well. If you are using Dermate ct concentrate, dilute 5 drops to each dessertspoon vinegar. Using a cotton-wool bud apply twice a day to the infected area only, avoiding the surrounding skin.

The essential oils can be applied neat if the child is over twelve. Again, use a cotton-wool bud and be careful not to get the oil on the uninfected skin. Apply twice a day.

See also VERRUCA.

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