Body butter is usually made with a combination of carrier oils or liquid fats with butter like cocoa, shea, mango, or kukui butter. And sometimes people add Beeswax too. It does not contain any water. The finished product will be thicker and harder than a lotion and often takes a longer time for the skin to absorb.

You can use body butter for dry skin especially in winter time. The aromatherapy body butter will be more expensive than a lotion but it should be worth it because you will only need to apply a small amount for the whole body.

Soften the coconut oil and cocoa butter in a pan on medium heat, remove from the heat and add essential oils, stir to blend. Put it in a jar and store in cold dry place.

Cocoa butter - Pale, yellow, strong odor of "chocolate" scent. It will overpower the scents of most essential oils but you can use it in small portion as a thickener in lotion or creams. When combine with neroli essential oils, the fragrance is reminiscent of an exotic, delectable dessert.

Other than cocoa butter, you can use shea, mango, or kukui butter. but they vary in texture, hardness and absorbency.

Coconut oil is available at health stores, but if you don't like the scents you can replace coconut oil with:

  • Avocado Oil, is usually for mature and dry skin
  • Safflower Oil, is good purpose for all solution
  • Grapeseed oil, is less greasy and better for younger skin.

Avoid mineral oil because it is a refined petroleum products and provides no nutrient to the skin.

The best time to apply body butter is after a hot bath. The hot bath will open your pores and so quicken the effects of the butter. Apply a small amount of aromatherapy body butter. Remember that becaue of its viscocity it will go further. Massage until the butter absorbs onto the skin and has completely disappeared, this may take some time, but the results are worth it. Your skin will be left with the ultimate shine and just a tiny bit oily. Unlike body lotion, the scent of body butter will last longer. You will feel a slight sheen on your skin, which will leave you oily but not stick. After a while it will disappeared and leave your skin shiny and soft.

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